Bitcoin casinos 2018

What is bitcoin?

This is a cryptocurrency, which has been used for several years as an electronic means of payment. Recently, bitcoin has become very popular in the sphere of purchase and sale.

For this reason, various online gaming communities are beginning to accept bets and withdraw funds in this cryptocurrency. According to forecasts for the year 2018, the number of online casinos carrying out transactions in bitcoins will increase significantly, and this cryptocurrency will be actively used by users of gambling.

To date, most of the operations with cash are made in US dollars. But bitcoin, gaining popularity, as soon as possible, is able to displace this currency.

The transition to a transaction in bitcoins will be most to the liking of the Americans. To date, the withdrawal of funds in US dollars is subject to local taxes. You can withdraw funds in the cryptocurrency without losing money, of course, most people will use it, whose official currency is the US dollar.

Of course, such an alignment of events entails a change in the taxation system, but do not forget that as long as such a system is not strengthened and does not have a clear and streamlined legal structure, a cunning user will always find a way to benefit from it.

Not only users who withdraw their funds but also gambling companies are subject to taxation.

Therefore, the transition to the crypto currency will be mutually beneficial, both to the player and the owner of the online casino, which also encourages online game communities to switch to payment in bitcoins.

As part of attracting people to pay bitcoins, online games companies will offer users additional bonuses when making payments in the crypto currency.

The holders of the casino should pay attention to the shortcomings of the crypto currency, namely its non-permanent rate. More people can be attracted for payment in bitcoin currency, if the player is protected from the risk of depreciating his funds on the account of the site.

One of the first who openly described the positive aspects of introducing bitcoin into the economy was Air, who in 2016 published a record on this topic. Eyre suggested that the crypto currency bitcoin would eventually become one of the permanent ones, called this kind of electronic money a “safe phenomenon” and assured that in a few years people with a funded part in this cryptocurrency will be able to derive a great economic benefit.

Indeed, in recent years, the population of different countries is increasingly using bitcoin to make transactions. Large bookmakers, at the request of customers, are able to withdraw their winnings in bitcoins and, moreover, actively accept rates for this cryptocurrency.

Benefits from the use of bitcoin are affiliated networks, for which the withdrawal of funds in this crypto currency is simpler than the withdrawal in the country’s bank currencies.

First, the crypto currency can be output without any restrictions on the amount, with a low minimum threshold (from $ 10) and for a short period of time. Secondly, the withdrawal of funds does not require the provision of personal, which greatly simplifies many operations.

Taking into account the factors listed above, it can be concluded that in the period of 2018 the use of the crypto currency by the population, including in the field of gambling machines, will increase significantly.