Advantages of crypto casinos

Absolute anonymity of customer data and their payments.
Transaction speed High speed of currency transactions and withdrawal of funds.
Financial security
Absence of third parties in payment transactions and the possibility of any kind of fraud.
Individual design
The design and development of any site structure of the future Bitcoin online casino is fully coordinated with the technical task of the customer.
Integration of games through a single protocol
Possibility to connect several gaming providers for one integration.
The ability to use bitcoin in any country in the world and convert to any currency.
Crypto Anarchism
Bitcoin is not controlled by any tax system of any country – no restrictions and conditions.
Selection of games. You can choose suppliers and game software at your discretion.
The platform for the casino allows you to conduct marketing campaigns: post a banner, conduct newsletters, manage SEO and affiliate programs.

In bitcoin casino with a conclusion there are no such problems, as with usual currency – means are deduced instantly without dependence from the sum of a prize. This is a real gamer’s dream, when you do not need to endlessly correspond with the casino security service, continually sending out copies of various documents to verify your identity.

And when everything that is possible has already been sent, up to a certificate from the psycho-dispensary, it remains to wait another 14-30 days until the verification is completed to finally get their honestly won $ 500.

At bitcoin casino it is possible to allocate following advantages:

speed of withdrawal of funds;
no commission for input / output or it is minimal;
possibility to make minimum rates, which at a cost less than 1 cents;
reliability of transactions;
full control of the player over his account – the online casino will not be able to take and block the account without explaining the reason, having selected all the money;
The honesty of the institution – gamers can even check the operation of online casinos using blockchain technology to make sure it is honest;
Absolute anonymity of the player – even for the withdrawal of winnings, no documents are required.
Casino bitcoin – cherry on the cake
Gamers can safely play slot machines online, and as soon as they want to stop the game and take money – it can be done in a couple of minutes. No delays, commissions of 7.5% or other pitfalls – the player himself controls and disposes of personal Bitcoin.

Especially players in bitcoin casino like the factor of anonymity – you can not even mention the name. After all, it is often the need to send scanned passports to withdraw funds from online casinos and repels gamers. Not surprisingly, the game in these casinos is active – on average a month the total amount of Bitcoin-rates in all casinos is more than 10 million dollars.